About us

About us

Finnish wellbeing is a community owned by its members. We provide versatile wellbeing products and services to private individuals, companies and organizations.

We draw strength from cooperation and present it to our clients as larger service entities. Our members’ unique professional experience, know-how and life lessons are yours to use.

For us, sustainable wellbeing stands for extended responsibility. Through our products and services, we are committed to cherishing the good and strive to promote personal wellbeing as well as experiences of a balanced and meaningful life.

For our part, we aim to steer society towards more sustainable practices. We act in harmony with nature and the people around us and produce useful, aesthetic and healthy products and services.

Our inspiration lies in purity, Finland’s beautiful nature, folk tradition and craftmanship as well as Finnish aesthetics and design. Our ambition is to let the whole world enjoy the Finnish ideology of wellbeing and its diverse manifestations through our products and services.