Feedback on Recovery Moments® (Respites, bodily exercise):

“Wonderful, relaxing and peaceful. Time flew by. I need more of this. Good, versatile movements.”

“The exercise was very well guided by her´s calm voice and demeanor. The class opened tensions in my body and calmed my mind. This was just the thing I needed today. Thank you so much. I managed to calm both body and mind.”

“I have only a few experiences of similar bodily exercises. I feel grateful and happy. As you provide guidance with a lovely, gentle voice, the instructions are easy to listen to and follow. I wish the final relaxation was a little longer. I had just reached a deep heart connection, when it ended.”

“A truly delightful and relaxing class. You have a wonderfully calm voice.”

“A delightfully relaxing atmosphere and pleasant voice.”

“The calm and relaxing speech and words made me feel relaxed. You explained and, when required, scaled the movements well.”

“Today, it felt very good to calm down, breathe and release the tension in my thoracic spine and muscles and experience a connection to other participants. 

Personally, I was moved to tears as I realized the significance of enlightenment especially today on Saint Lucy’s Day. Her´s calm, soft voice supports reaching a relaxed state, and the clear guidance helps maintain the breathing rhythm.”

“The class was pleasantly calm and apparently suitably relaxing as I was told I fell asleep.”

“Thank you, your class was a wonderful break from everyday performing. I particularly enjoyed the breathing exercises as they required just the right amount of concentration to clear the mind from all the noise. I felt like it was the first time I really took a breath that day, and after the class, I was exceptionally relaxed.”

“I enjoyed your guidance. The volume and peacefulness of your voice and the wording. You nicely demonstrated the alternative positions and assisted the participants. You explained the purpose of the positions well.”

“Thank you, gentle and clear movements and guidance. Your voice and the music were relaxing. I had sufficient time to find a suitable position, and it was wonderful to have so much time to breath.”

“A relaxing moment that helped me recover after a hard day at work.”

“After a stressful day, I was surprised to find my mind free of work-related thoughts. Before the class, my entire body was tense.”

“A relaxing and restoring exercise. It gently opened the tensions in my body.”

“The peaceful speech helped me relax.”

“A relaxing moment, a splendid moment. A moment for myself and introspection.”

“A neatly relaxing moment, a dive into myself.”

“An interesting concept that enabled presence in the moment.”

“A truly wonderful exercise.”

“The stretches were effective and sufficiently long, enabling me to notice the tensions and imbalances in my body.”

“She explained everything well. She was highly motivating and calm.”

“You convey the body-mind connection. At some point, you could have explained where the exercises should be felt.”

“The instructions were clear and provided in a pleasantly calm manner. The class progressed smoothly and unhurriedly. There was nothing unclear about the exercises, and from time to time, it was nice to hear what they aimed at (stretching certain muscles, relaxation…). The pre-class instructions were clear and comprehensive (what was required for the class). It was lovely to calm down for a moment, and it did good.”

“The class was very pleasant and relaxing. The lovely stretches helped even though I’m normally stiff as a board. When stretching the inner thighs, my back stretched nicely, too. Her instructs in a very calm manner, and the music supported the guidance well.”

Feedback on the Earth and Roots course:

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to relax and focus on myself. Before the weekend, I hadn’t noticed how badly I had neglected myself. The course provided me with plenty of tools for introspection and helped me open various sections of myself. ‘I don’t have to, but I get to.’ Heartfelt thanks to you. It was wonderful to be a part of this.”

“The course started with absolutely amazing bodily exercises. I instantly felt connected with my body and mind. Outdoor exercises were lovely, and I truly enjoyed them. I would have preferred just a little more time for self-processing and discussion. There were plenty of versatile activities. The food was ❤️. Thank you for the magnificent course! It was a nice respite from the everyday hustle and bustle. Thank you.

“Definitely a functional concept. Together you managed to create a safe and peaceful environment. At the same time, I found relaxation. An expert grasp on coaching and presentations. You shed light on the intuitive and creative side well. Food for thought: perhaps more time for reflection and painting etc.”

“My thoughts flow intuitively. I have a wonderful feeling – a whole, grateful feeling. The course culminated a several year-long process of working the earth’s melody through various methods of creation. Personal analysis and artistic work walked hand in hand with pedagogic work.  On my own courses, I painted stones, created manifestations through image and sound surrounded by the earth’s energies. I felt a strong physical connection to the earth and united with my solar center through voice. All of this I did on a functional level without wording the messages. On THIS course, EVERYTHING was given voice. As it worked so splendidly, I now feel grateful and whole. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards, daughter of the earth, daughter of the forest.”

“A pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Course leaders acted naturally, the progression between topics was smooth, and the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed. The food, breakfast in particular, was delicious.”