Hanna Vesenterä

Hanna Vesenterä

At Finnish Wellbeing, I assist companies and individuals through training, coaching, performance and lecture services related to sustainable wellbeing. I instruct restorative movement classes of the @hengähdyshetkiä (respites) concept, for example.

Work and I

I have over 20 years of experience in various business management and development positions and supervisor’s duties. I’m a professional of management, development, sales, marketing, eCommerce and customer service. My versatile studies have ranged from business management to personal recovery. My latest qualification is expert of wellbeing, recovery, stress management and the body-mind senses.

I designed the Finnish Wellbeing concept, and I’m a founding member of the cooperative.

Inspiration and meaning

I find inspiration in various phenomena, the diversity of culture, the environment, organizations and people as well as the ecosystem – in everything that guides our activities. I’m interested in healthy, meaningful life and growth. On this road of sharp rocks and deep cracks, there is much more stardust than meets the eye at a quick glance. It is fascinating to traverse our journeys on this planet of endless possibilities.

Live here and now – work and daily life can be full of meaning and inspiration. There is much wisdom in the already clichéd phrase “Everything you need is already within you”.

I have frequently paused to address this in situations involving organizations and communities. Blinded by hurry, we too often repeat the worn-out patterns, forgetting what’s important with our vision clouded. Our performance may remain unaffected, but our state of humanity suffers, and we lose sight of the things we cherish the most.

At the center of an organization’s wellbeing and success is a person who knows they are meaningful. Sustainable development is another important aspect. Instead of regarding nature and our surroundings as “the other”, we should integrate them into everything we do and accept that we are one with them. The wellbeing of our environment enables our wellbeing.

Often external assistance is what sets things in motion and opens our eyes to a new reality. I’m grateful for what I have had the privilege to learn and experience.

A whole person

One side of me yearns to express diverse creativity. I fulfil this need through dance, exercise, music, visual art and creative solutions to daily challenges, among other things.

To me, pausing means reconnecting with my inner strength and self. It is a source of endless inspiration and strength. In nature, I pause to wonder. I pick up my camera and live in the moment. It is all I need.

At home, I sit on a mat, breathe in, meditate and listen to what my body has to say. I pause in that blessed moment. Music is my energy treatment, an inexhaustible source of strength, joy and focus. The lyrics fall into place, showing me the way, the path I should take.


To me, success means a good, adequately balanced and meaningful life. Everyone measures success from their individual perspective. I believe the most common obstacles for success can be found in our own beliefs and attitudes. Examining them critically to dissolve the obstacles is often a cornerstone of reaching new prosperity.

Diverse knowledge

Can we live a magical life and an ordinary one? Can we listen to our hearts and reason? Be both intuitive and logical? Creative and pragmatic? Believe in mysticism and science? Trust our senses and quantitative information? Success at work while being happy and spreading kindness and prosperity?

Yes, we can, and it’s exactly what we need. We can question the indoctrinated patterns and beliefs to discern a new, more diverse perspective.

Life is a constantly, elegantly trickling stream. We glide along it as responsible, independent and productive actors.

We have to accept the contradiction between this and goal-oriented work. Paradoxes and discrepancies are perfectly OK.

Guided by diverse knowledge, we strive to lead a more balanced and meaningful life on the level of society, environment, organizations and individuals.