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Finnish Wellbeing is an expert of occupational wellbeing services. Our mission is to help companies, organizations and their members find sustainable wellbeing, balance and consequently, an increased sense of meaning at work and in life.

Occupational wellbeing services to meet individual needs
When stress, recovery and inspiration are in balance, both employees and the employer can restore their resources. The employees feel well, and the employer is better equipped to handle the ever-growing competition.

Many of us are well-aware of the requirements of effective recovery and coping at work.  A well-rested, refreshed and productive work community benefits both the employees and the company. Wellbeing at work has often a high priority in the corporate strategy. However, the road from strategy to action can be a long and rocky one, and external occupational wellbeing services are often necessary.

The needs of balanced wellbeing are specific to each company. Finnish Wellbeing Research helps you pinpoint the issues and areas that hinder the wellbeing of your organization. An investment in improving these areas is an investment in a better result.

Occupational wellbeing through insight
It is possible to achieve excellent performance of duties while feeling refreshed and avoiding excessive stress. The wellbeing of a single individual affects the entire work community.

Wellbeing and balance are internal states that require not only insight and experience but also hands-on implementation and practice.

Our occupational wellbeing services
To help you balance the body and mind, we provide insightful and experiential methods, modern tools, training and occupational wellbeing courses that serve both the individuals and the work community.

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