Recovery Moments® Special edition. Virtual via link.

Who among us would not miss a moment’s of breath, a quick stop in the middle of everyday busy life.

Recovery Moments ® Special edition  is time for yourself. Pre-arranged moment of recovery and relaxation, you can use for your own well-being.

The Recovery Moments ® method is about mind and body care. We care for the body through restorative movements. On top of movements we use other techniques such as breathing exercises and presence exercises.

Restorative movement is healing and stress-preventing. It takes you deep into relaxation and offers your body a chance to rest and recover. The body is gently activated on the parasympathetic side of the nervous system. Learn the ability to let go, be present, and let your brain to recover.

Recovery Moments is a moment and a place where is your time to rest and feel the warmth.

Recovery Moments are great for a business wellness day or a perfect end to a busy week. The moment is also a great time to use in a small group.

The method is suitable for everyone. According to the feedback, one time can have a positive effect.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Hanna is a trained

Recovery Moments ® Recovery coach (Villa Mandala, 2021). You can get to know me more here.

CONTENT: Easy choreography. Suitable for everyone. During the moment you will be guided and we will give you alternative movements.

Recovery Moments include deepening and relaxing movements, breathing exercises and guided relaxation.


Virtual moment. You need a peaceful space and enough space for a yoga mat. When time is agreed, I will send you a link and instructions.



You can agree time with me. Please contact me, before buying from the online store. [email protected]

We agreed on a time for a virtual moment. Participants in the virtual class can participate, for example, from home or you can all participate together via a link. I will provide instructions.


Mon-Fri evenings or on Sunday mornings.
PRICE: Virtual 25 e person.
Min. number of participants 8 people