Sound massage experiment for your private event

Are you planning an event and would like the participants to experience the deeply relaxing effect of the singing bowls?

Vibro-acoustic singing bowl relaxation or so-called sound massage is, as the name implies, a massage with the help of singing bowl sound and vibration. Sound massage acts as a holistic method of relaxation.

The event starts with a short introduction to the world of the singing bowls and sound massage. The sound massage is given to one person at a time, in a peaceful surrounding. The sound massage starts with a short discussion, and you also have a possibility to try playing the singing bowls yourself. Then you settle down in your own, comfortable clothes on the massage table under the blanket. The singing bowl masseur plays the bowls in a calm rhythm on or near your body, creating a safe sound space and allowing your body and mind to relax with the deep soft sound of the bowls.

About the sound massager: Lotta uses high quality Peter Hess® Therapie Klangschalen singing bowls designed for therapeutic use. Lotta is currently in training to become a a certified Peter Hess Sound Massage Practioner and she currently offers trainee-level sound massage. Prior to graduating as a certified Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practioner, she offers the service at an intern rate. Lotta has a certification for PH® Sound bath and PH® Sound journey relaxation methods. Lotta is also a certified restorative coach.

You can find more about Lotta here.

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