Sound massage and sound baths – what on earth are these?

What is a singing bowl, you may ask? A singing bowl is a handmade instrument, originating from Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian kitchen bowls. Since then, singing bowls have been developed specifically for relaxation and therapy purposes. The sound of a high-quality singing bowl is beautiful, deep, and long. When played, the bowl also vibrates.

In the context of singing bowls, we are talking about vibro-acoustic relaxation method, which introduces the relaxer a deep and holistic state of relaxation. The sound waves from the singing bowls produce gentle pulsations which “massage” the cells in the body. Simultaneously the frequencies emitted by the bowls draw the brain into a state of deep relaxation in alpha and theta brain wave levels.

During a sound massage the singing bowls are strategically placed on and around the fully clothed body, while in sound bath the singing bowls, the feng gong and other musical instruments such as chimes are played around the (usually a group of) relaxers. No active participation is expected from you. Just be. You will have a safe space to let go of stress, worries and anxieties.

When I first started my training to become a sound massage practitioner, my own experiences attending a sound relaxation played an important role. Even attending the very first sound bath was such a revolutionary experience for me. It´s not obvious that someone like me – prone to perfectionism, always trying to be on top of things – would so easily be able to fall into a state of deep relaxation or fall asleep even. Btw, it´s said that one sound massage would equal to three hours of good night sleep! With the sounds and vibrations of these unique instruments I have been able to let go, de-stress the tensions in my body and my mind, forgive myself and others, stay present in the moment, travel around the universe (for real, the visualizations that happen sometimes, are out of this world!) and find internal reassurance that everything will be okay. Just to mention a few things on the positive side. After a sound bath or sound massage I feel like some lost pieces of my mind, body and soul have found back to me. I often wake up from the relaxation with a clear mind and some guiding thought suddenly popped into my mind.

What can you expect when attending a sound massage or a sound bath? As everyone of us is unique, so will be the benefits of a sound massage or a sound bath. Some of the most common benefits are:

  • Fast and deep relaxation of the body and the mind
  • Better sleep
  • Relief of tension
  • Reduced pain
  • Light feeling in the body and mind
  • Reinforced healing to support your health
  • Improved self-confidence, creativity, and productive energy
  • More positive outlook on life

When attending a sound massage or sound bath, I´m sure you want to know that you are in good hands. I value quality, responsibility, and safety in all my sound relaxations. I follow German Peter Hess® sound relaxation method, which is an evolving and responsible method for more than 30 years. I also value the wide amount of research behind the method, whereby the deeply relaxing effects of singing bowls have been objectively verified. I also use high quality Peter Hess® singing bowls, which have been specifically developed for therapeutic use and ensure optimal sound scape and vibration.

Check out Finnish Wellbeing webstore and book a sound massage relaxation moments for your event! A great possibility to get a first experience of the singing bowl vibes.

The author Lotta Ikävalko is by education, a Master of Science in Economics, a Master of Culture and Arts in Service design, a Restorative Coach and soon to be certified Sound Massage Practitioner. You can read more about Lotta here.

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