Values and philosophy

Wisdom of the senses and versatile knowledge

We believe that information should be approached from a wider angle, and our work promotes diversity.

Information can be measured and assessed from various perspectives. Reality may be observed through measurable attributes, but it may also manifest in creativity, art and sensual, spiritual and bodily experiences.

Instead of relying on one-sided information, our aim is to provide opportunities to start using versatile knowledge to support everyone’s individual growth paths.

The richness of life lies in interaction: of science and mysticism, senses and quantitative information, logic and intuition, reason and emotions.

Sustainable wellbeing

For us, sustainable wellbeing stands for extended responsibility. Through our products and services, we are committed to cherishing the good and strive to promote personal wellbeing as well as experiences of a balanced and meaningful life.

For our part, we aim to steer the society towards more sustainable practices. We act in harmony with nature and the people around us.

Sustainable wellbeing encompasses making ecologically sound choices and striving to transparent production chains. We only sell products produced responsibly in Finland.

For us, supporting sustainable wellbeing involves producing useful, aesthetic and healthy products and services.

Strength in unity

The experience of meaning and harmony in life draws from individuals, communities and organizations. There is something exceptionally beautiful in all of us, and everyone plays a role in building a better tomorrow.

Society is at the brink of novel communality, and we offer means to influence the development. There is something magical to enriching interaction that fosters creativity. We need one another, and together, we can give more to everyone.

Individual wellbeing

Everyday life is becoming increasingly complex, and we need support to manage it. We also need solutions that promote both mental and physical wellbeing. A stronger connection between the body, mind and spirit improves the quality of life and the balance of emotions and provides us with the means to tackle challenges.

We believe that increasing everyday aesthetics and fostering the healing connection to nature give more meaning to life and help us reunite with our inner center.

Leading a meaningful life is a subjective experience. The elements in the circle of balanced wellbeing have different emphases for everyone. We examine comprehensive wellbeing and recovery from various aspects: exercise, nutrition, rest, senses, spirit, the environment and communality.