Summer element water is for acceptance and surrender.

The true goal of inner balance—its proper enterprise—is melody. All the parts of harmony have as their ultimate purpose only beautiful melody. Compination of rhythm flow and balance. All elements ( water, air, earth, fire and ether) are equally present creating balance.

Summer element is a water. Water is telling us let go of the control and accept that life is a constant change.

Most of our body is water. So it could be said that you have a sea or ( in Finland) lake insite you.
Like Water nothing is eternal, but life is a constant flow of matter. Water as an element reflects the beautiful change of life.

It is element about the changing and envolving. Emotions are like the waves of a spilling pond. Always in transformation, through the flow.

Sometimes the wave throws us forward and sometimes the stagnant water floats, holds in place. Telling us to waite. Stay still.

Water is a soft element, it swings, drows, floats. Water is permissive. In Water you can be in any position you want . Water gives you a permission for it.

Water is element for acceptance and surrender. Water permissiveness invites us to be friends with most of our sides. Water says, you are enough as you are.

Like water, life itself is uncontrollable. We cannot influence everything we transform into the future. We can let go of control and let the water take away, let the current lead and the wave sway.

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