When life throws curveballs: How to handle everyday situations out of my control? Part 2


At the Tea Time Chat for women, we discuss even the most painful and secret issues openly. These episodes explore life’s flows and counterflows and various ways of coping, keeping up and finding joy. They result in profound, beautiful insights and advice based on life.

What occupies the mind is a timely question whose answer turns it into a fascinating story about everyday life. This story involves four women and four distinctive viewpoints.

What we were asked: “Please tell me your methods of facing and handling everyday issues out of your control.”


How we were drawn into the discussion: Life can only be controlled so much, right? You can plan, make choices and solutions and do things to the best of your abilities. However, the big things in life tend to happen the way they happen. Many things turn out differently than you would have imagined. What’s most important, is to do something about the things you can affect and not worry about the things you can’t.

Part 2, tea time continued

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“Okay, looks I’m late for this tea party.If someone asked me this a year ago, I probably would have given a different answer. Then I thought I could control my surroundings. As a ‘super achiever’, my most important method would have been to fix things or at least plan fixing them.

However, I have learned that after all, nothing is and never was in my control. So, I can just as well let go, take a leap of faith and trust that I will be carried through. Then I can allow myself some light and gratitude.”

“Nowadays I take deep breaths and meditate. In a void, I can take some distance to the situation, and the right answers will come to me when it’s their time. As I know that I’m the one to make the final decisions, I may, for example, consult Tarot cards in the process. Somehow they help my subconscious find the right paths.”

“Oh, that’s lovely! I, too, have used angel cards and fairy oracle cards.”

“In the most difficult moments, I have sometimes asked for protection and strength even from my ancestors as sometimes the living don’t seem any closer than the passed. I have felt being watched over by my grandfather as a guardian angel. It helps! I’ve had the need to turn inwards, and look for strength from the souls of my ancestors. It’s much more effective than looking for anyone’s approval or love in this time.”


“This fits all situations of uncertainty. There’s relaxing yoga and meditation. Most of all, one important theme stands out: FAITH. I have explored the difficulty of letting control go. I’m sure it’s also a trust issue. Lately, I’ve been telling myself this: ‘You should trust that things will go the way the go anyway.’ There are no guarantees that any efforts will change anything one way or another.”

“That’s the way it is. No one really has any guarantees in any of life’s processes. That’s why we simply have to have trust, to live on faith and hope.”

“You should walk towards the good things and be grateful for everything we catch along the way… Do and act just one step at a time. Good begets good, and the ‘prize’ will surely present itself in some form! When you look backwards, you see it. The president might not give you a medal, but you may get some ‘blessing’ for trying and accomplishing. ”

“Is it possible that at first, you try to push the negative things aside on your life’s path. It’s probably important from the viewpoint of coping, but when you accept things as part of your life cycle and think of all the magnificent insights you have learned along the way, you can be grateful in the end. And the other way around… You can proactively have faith that we are supported and live in a friendly universe, where others want good for us. Everything will work out for the best, and gratitude is present in everything. It is an amazing experience even as small flashes. Luckily, you can practice it more and change your trains of thought.”

“What you said at first about the setbacks and negative moments in life is totally true. But I’m not buying what you said about a humane, friendly universe. There’s also evil, and it’s not fun, good, beautiful, educational or anything to be grateful for. It requires coping, acceptance and the learning of new things, or it can kill you.”

Yes… Viewpoints… There are many.

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